I teach classes in strategy, international business and technology management at all levels from undergraduate through executives. “Non-business” classes were primarily for students with a science or engineering background. I’ve made syllabi available in case they would be useful, but please ask me before you copy from them. Since it’s been several years since I’ve taught some of these classes, don’t be surprised if some of the them have gotten a bit out of date.

Managing sustainability for competitive advantage (MBA, 2018)

Research Methods 2 (Doctoral, 2018)

Strategic Management (Online MBA, 2017)

Research Presentation Seminar (Doctoral, 2015)

Innovation Strategy (Doctoral, 2013)

Strategy Capstone (Executive MBA, 2013)

Foundations of Strategy (Doctoral, 2013)

Strategy (Non-business/Engineering, 2009)

Global Innovation (Doctoral, 2009)

Strategy Process (Doctoral, 2009)